结果赶快到附近诊疗所检查,照了X 光片发现骨骼出了状况,被送到医院去,做了扫描和MRI原来盘骨有移位了,只好留院几天,运气好 ,不需要动手术。回到家里服了药物,行动,弯腰,转身都还是不方便,非常吃力。


- 全能钙和全能关节灵使用者

Daily Cooking, washing, marketing, housekeeping always cause me backache, hand and leg cramp, stiff and numb. My knee pain and cracking sound while walking. These entire problems make me frustrated and moody. After listening to 97.2 radio station, recommended Q& N Bone Essential & plant glucosamine and is very suitable for my issue. I take for about 2- 3 bottles ,it really works and helps to reduce my pain and now I really enjoy my housework and also can continue my activities at community centre.

- Mrs Goh

Housewife of aged 52


- Hi-sleep User

我是一名巴士司机,工作了20 多年,因开巴士,时间和路途长,上厕所很不方便,时常有憋尿的坏习惯,过了不久前列腺功能的操作也变弱了,所以每天都会影响工作,晚上夜尿多,睡眠不足,朋友介绍我吃全能前列康。吃了几个星期就有改善了,我很高兴,现在可以专心驾驶,开心过日子。

- Prost-aid User


- Cool Beauty User


- 陳文东

Staying focus on the road for 10 to 12 hours each day is quite a challenge at the age of 54. Q&N ‘Cool Man’ is definitely a brand I can depend on, relieving fatigue, giving me the alertness I require each day. Was recommended Prost-Aid by their friendly health advisor and observed an improvement in my sleep. Frequent loo calls in the night reduce thus giving me quality rest till dawn.

- Steven Lai

Taxi Driver

I had always faced difficulties to get my boys to keep a healthy & balanced diet, fast food, soft drinks & fried chicken, always topping their list for fast & easy food. It was only when the elder boy 17, alarmed me of his breathlessness, which then I realised his body is giving out a distress signal. Physical and appearance aside, more concerned with his health, I consulted Dr Jeff at a health seminar and he recommended me Omega Tree and Metabo-care, with adjustment to diet, regular exercise routine. I observed a make-over in my boys’ lifestyle lately and was often invited to join them for evening jog. I’m so glad they had regained their pink health, not forgetting the help from Dr Jeff and the Q&N products, thank you!

- Mdm Teo

45, Working Mom