Triple Ingredients for Your Immunity

  • Non vegetarian
  • Not suitable for pregnancy
  • Not suitable for breast-feeding women
Product Description


Immunity is very important to our health. Immune-CareTM is formulated with three natural ingredients (Vitamin C, Garlic, Propolis), which makes it an ideal plant-based supplement to support your immune system.

 Immune-CareTM Formula

Vitamin C (100mg):  for short-term and long-term immunity benefits, Vitamin C is a basic supplement. It helps support healthy respiratory system.

Garlic Extract (350mg):  rich in garlic extract, allicin help to support healthy immune system and build up weak body.

Propolis (100mg): is a natural immune-supporting substance  gathered by honey bees from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It helps support our immune system and body health.

Suitable Population

•  Weak body

•  Frequent tiredness and fatigue

•  Frequent low appetite

•  Weak respiratory health

•  Weak digestive tract health

Suggested use

                                                       mor       eve


Immunity health maintenance           1          1


Weak body                                        2      1 or 2                   


Before or after meals.